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AIAI Principal Investigator Professor Naqvi’s Pioneering Work in Enterprise AI

Al NaqviProfessor Naqvi’s work is focused on applying deep learning to study advanced models of financial engineering, portfolio management, and asset management. He uses a unique approach that combines complex adaptive systems, behavioral finance, game theory, and real options to design state of the art artificial intelligence system to predict stock movements and financial market performance. Specifically Professor Naqvi’s model closes the gap between operating decisions of a firm (for example Supply Chain Management) and its financial decision-making (for example, Capital and Capital Structure).

Professor Al (A.I.) Naqvi is a leading expert in transforming companies from the “e” to the “ai” era. He specializes in total and integrated business transformation by using artificial intelligence. Professor Naqvi developed the first and most comprehensive body of knowledge for AI in Corporate Strategy, AI in Finance, AI in Marketing, AI in HR, and AI in Supply Chain Management. His work has been recognized by world’s leading professional societies, universities, and companies. Over 300 companies have benefited from Naqvi’s research. He is widely published in both academic and practitioner publications. Al Naqvi’s professional research interests are broad, and include artificial intelligence, applied AI, robotic process automation, deep learning, complex adaptive systems, cognitive organizations and leadership, and strategic cognitive transformation. He teaches several classes on Applied Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, RPA, and Cognitive Transformation at the American Institute of Artificial Intelligence. Professor Naqvi is passionate about teaching people about the potential and practical applications of artificial intelligence. He calls it reskilling and re-intellectualization of the workforce. He has designed several products using Deep Neural Networks. Known for making artificial intelligence fun and easy to understand, he has appeared in various conferences and shows all over the world. He lives in the greater Washington DC area.

Published Books

The Beaver Bot of Yellowstone Pure Play Leadership for the Artificial Intelligence RevolutionThe Beaver Bot of Yellowstone: Pure-Play Leadership for the Artificial Intelligence Revolution
by Al Naqvi (Author), J. Mark Munoz (Author)

As the artificial intelligence revolution sweeps through the global economy, nothing is more important than pure play leadership. Using a fable, “The Beaver Bot of Yellowstone” guides business leaders on how to lead their firms through the mysterious and complex cognitive transformation. Anyone can master the game with pure play leadership rules. In a reading that lasts no more than a one-way Chicago–DC flight, “The Beaver Bot of Yellowstone” helps leaders who don’t have the time or the patience to read thousands of pages of research and theses to get to the bottom of the leadership principles for the cognitive era. read more >

Artificial Intelligence in Human Resources: Human in the MachineArtificial Intelligence in Human Resources: Human in the Machine (AI in Business Book 110)
by Al Naqvi (Author)

As the cognitive revolution sweeps the business world, this book is the first guide for Human Resources professionals on how to navigate through the artificial intelligence transformation. A non-technical book, it is meant for HR strategy leaders. A concise guide on how to develop an integrated vision for the Human Resources department and on how to formulate a plan for leading the artificial intelligence revolution, this book is the first book on the topic. The book presents a comprehensive plan and orchestrates a strategy to embrace and lead. The book introduces AIHR (Artificial Intelligence Human Resources) and the concept of MAHRM (Machine and Human Resources Management). read more >

Business Strategy in the Artificial Intelligence EconomyBusiness Strategy in the Artificial Intelligence Economy
by J. Mark Munoz (Author), Al Naqvi (Author)

Technological breakthroughs relating to artificial intelligence has redefined business operations worldwide. For example, the ways in which data is captured, processed, and utilized to optimize customer interactions has grown by leaps and bounds. The change is redefining the structural dynamics of business strategy, economic theory, and management concepts. Leading technology companies around the world have expanded their research in artificial intelligence. With IBM’s launch of Watson, a new cognitive era has started. Investment firms have backed numerous emerging artificial intelligence companies. Meanwhile, there is paucity of academic and business research on the subject. This book project is a pioneering examination of how artificial intelligence is transforming the contemporary business strategy.

Taming The Ticker: How to Link Trading Floor to Shop Floor to Improve a Company’s Stock Value: A Comprehensive Manual for Shareholder Value Creation in the 21st CenturyTaming The Ticker: How to Link Trading Floor to Shop Floor to Improve a Company’s Stock Value: A Comprehensive Manual for Shareholder Value Creation in the 21st Century
by Al Naqvi (Author)

Taming the Ticker uses a behavioral finance approach to create shareholder value by understanding, incorporating and actively using shareholder expectations in both operational and financing decisions. An expectations centric framework for fundamentals based investing.


Upcoming Books by Professor Naqvi in 2018

Rivet: AI in Business (Publisher – ANTHEM)
Al Naqvi and Mark Munoz

Cognitive Competitive Intelligence (Publisher – TBD)
Al Naqvi and Nan Bulger (CEO of SCIP)

Artificial Intelligence in Policy and Government (Publisher: ANTHEM)
Edited by Al Naqvi and Mark Munoz

Artifical Intelligence – A Primer for Business Executive (Publisher: TBD)
Al Naqvi

Artificial Intelligence and Supply Chain Management (Publisher: TBD)
Al Naqvi and Coauthor

Techcorachment (Publisher: TBD)
Al Naqvi

Artificial Intelligence and Marketing (Publisher: TBD)
Al Naqvi and Angela Long (AMA DC)

Book Chapters by Professor Naqvi

Chapter: Inventing Consciousness: Beyond Business Intelligence – Global Business Intelligence by Business Expert Press 2018

Chapter: Protecting Value via Information Management: Managerial Forensics , Business Expert Press 2016

Journal Articles by Porfessor Naqvi

Artificial Intelligence in Business & Strategy: Journal of AI in Business, Policy, and Economy (Upcoming)

Competitive Dynamics of AI Economy: The Wicked problem of Cognitive Competition – Journal of Economics Library June 2017

Responding to the Will of the Machine, Leadership in the age of AI, Journal of Economic Bibliography September 2017

Artificial Intelligence and Urbanization: the Rise of Elysium City; Journal of Political Economy, March 2017 (Co-author Mark Munoz)

Professor Naqvi’s Work Recognized by World’s Leading Societies and Organizations

American Marketing Association

American Production & Inventory Control Society

Strategy and Competitive Intelligence Prof.

Society of Insurance Research

Institute of Supply Management

American Inst. of Certified Public Accountants

Hacking Human Resources

Corporate Social Responsibility

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Conferences and Media Appearances of Prof. Naqvi

Innovating for Value in Healthcare

San Diego , March 7th , 2017 , Frost & Sullivan
Prof. Naqvi talked about the role of AI in healthcare and medical equipment technologies. Later published an article http://aipost.com/transforming-healthcare-artificial-intelligence/

SCIP Strategy and Competitive Intelligence

Atlanta may 15-18 2018

AI in Healthcare Summit

June 26-27, 2017 • Marines’ Memorial Club • San Francisco, CA
Al Naqvi presented the state of the industry in AI in Healthcare.

APICS Chicago Conference June 2017

AI in Supply Chain Management

Prof Naqvi talked about the AI in supply chain management

Al Naqvi was interviewed on radio


SCIP Portugal


AI in Healthcare Summit

January 18-19, 2018
Harvard Club | Boston, MA

AI and Machine Learning

January 25-26, 2018 • The Standard Club • Chicago, IL