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Our Mission

The AI Post is the premier business and professional publication that chronicles and analyzes the advancement of artificial intelligence technology and its impact on economy, society, and state(s). With an eye on advancing the technology while helping government shape responsible policies, protecting economic interests of people and businesses, consumer welfare, and safety of biological lifeforms, the publication takes the dual position of: maximizing and accelerating the adoption of the artificial intelligence technology while minimizing the associated social, economic, and political costs.

Our mission is: To advance artificial intelligence safely and responsibly.

Advance means to increase the breadth and speed of technology generation and adoption.

Safely means to consider the social, economic, spiritual, and economic elements of the impact of technology on human life.

Responsibly means to operate with a state of preemptive awareness and not post-catastrophe reactionary mode.

The AI Post is written for concerned and serious scholars, business people, government officials, attorneys, executives, and others who are interested in having a serious debate about artificial intelligence and its diffusion. Far removed from the hype-ridden Silicon Valley culture or the overly abysmal technology-is-bad crowd, we want to provide a space where intellectual debate and examination of new technologies is possible in a more pragmatic and applied sense.

Primary Reader Targets

The primary audiences for the AI Post are business leaders, concerned citizens, regulators, academic scholars interested in understanding the broad footprint of the field, public policy influencers, decision makers at all levels of government, investment professionals, and human rights organizations. The publication caters to a diverse group of readers and therefore our authors come from different fields and backgrounds.

Reader Group Relevance

As mentioned in the previous section, the publication caters to wide spectrum of interests and hence serves several different audiences: business leaders, investment professionals, not-for-profit leaders, academic researchers, regulators, policymakers, trade association representatives, attorneys, and consumer advocates. Hence, we find it extremely important that articles should focus on one or more these audiences.


We prefer clear and moderate complexity articles. Since we do focus on primary and secondary research, and prefer original thought leadership, in terms of style our typical articles will be somewhere between a typical newspaper article and a journal article. A good example will be to see the style of Harvard Business Review articles. We expect our authors to make clear and valid points and provide support for their arguments.

Authors and Review

Our authors come from a wide variety of fields and backgrounds and includes academics, practitioners, and policy makers. We welcome the diversity in thinking. Unlike other publications, you will always get a call or email back from us. We will review your submission within a week and will provide feedback. Criteria used by reviewers will be in accordance with our mission. The editor has final review authority. The editor may reach out to a committee of experts to obtain feedback on certain articles.

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