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Applied artificial intelligence is maturing fast. With maturity comes adoption, commercialization, and diffusion. What also comes is the responsibility to protect and safeguard the interests of businesses and households. As artificial intelligence products and services become mainstream and the technology becomes consumer facing, we have two responsibilities: to enhance and to protect. Hence, the mission of the AI Post (and The American Institute of Artificial Intelligence) is: To advance artificial intelligence safely and responsibly

  • Advance means to increase the breadth and speed of technology generation and adoption.
  • Safely means to consider the social, economic, spiritual, psychological, ecological, and political elements of the impact of technology on human life.
  • Responsibly means to operate with a state of preemptive awareness and not post-catastrophe reactionary mode.

We achieve our mission by maximizing and accelerating the adoption of the artificial intelligence technology and minimizing the associated social, economic, political and other costs.

The time has come when the artificial intelligence technology should be presented to the world in the most meaningful and responsible manner. Not from the perspective of blatant marketing, not just for the consumption of scientists, not to create hype or fear or panic – but to educate the public and governments in a responsible, objective and sophisticated manner, to help develop the science, to remove the obstacles, to fill in the gaps, and to ensure that artificial intelligence is advanced in a safe and responsible manner where the interests of human and biological lifeforms are protected.

The White House recently organized a conference and distributed an RFI to develop a better understanding of the benefits and perils of the artificial intelligence technology. While the conference was a remarkable success, it clearly implies that the AI technology has matured to a point that the government is getting concerned about its applications and consequences.

We are cognizant of that concern.

Notice that we have deliberately placed an inherent contradiction in our mission. For example, while maximizing the adoption of the technology will drive us to help increase consumption of the AI products and services –minimizing the social, economic, and political costs may lead us to recommend regulation, control, and curtailment strategy. So one one hand, we focus on enhancing demand and removing obstacles to supply (hence increase adoption), on the other hand we assess, analyze, help manage, and examine the risks and impacts.

We operate with this built-in dichotomy. We un-hype the hype and create a balance between fascination and fear. We apply multidimensional and multidisciplinary approaches to our research.  Our experts, therefore, come from different fields and backgrounds. Our objectivity and independence are our most important assets. We do not market, promote, or sell on behalf of any company – and we never will. We do receive advertising revenues from companies wishing to advertise on our site or in our conferences, but that does not, in any manner, influence our judgment or thinking.

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