Why The AI Post?

When it comes to artificial intelligence, business readers are at a disadvantage. Caught between the hype-ridden, company-backed, advertising-oriented, commercials-cloaked-in-whitepapers content on one hand and the conspiracy-ridden, fantasy-frosted, doomsday fortuneteller content on the other hand, business readers don’t get the objective and intelligent information on artificial intelligence. So interested readers find content on sites where they have to constantly fight never-ending barrage of advertisements (that appear from every possible direction in virtual space and time) or they visit outlandish sites whose content would shame UFO and bigfoot theorists.

Desperate, when they turn to the artificial intelligence research community, they find a tight network of extremely bright people who have neither the time nor the inclination to explain the complexities of the technology. In the fast moving AI world, where research is now thumping to enter the bold world of translational and applied AI, the publication styles and preferences of the researchers are extremely academic, rigorous, and scientific – and for good reasons. For most business readers, the research oriented scholarly articles in scientific journals would be either too complex or would require too much time to read.

So while the investment in artificial intelligence is surging, business applications are emerging in multiple sectors, and artificial intelligence is impacting our lives in a huge way, we have no reliable, business-centric, objective, and single-focused publication to inform and educate the general public and business readers or to examine and analyze the issues confronting the AI. In other words, where is the Harvard Business Review or MIT Sloan or Strategy and Business equivalent publication for business readers? Welcome to the AI Post, the first publication to exclusively focus on the business, policy, economic, social, political and other similar issues resulting from the rise of the artificial intelligence technology.

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